Housing Sales to Foreigners in June Have Been Announced!

Housing Sales to Foreigners in June Have Been Announced!

Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the foreign housing sales in June 2021. According to the statement of the institution, housing sales figures increased by 185,3% and reached a figure of 4 thousand 748 as compared to the same month of the previous year. The fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has decreased its negative effect compared to previous years has also manifested itself in foreign housing sales. The regulation of the travel ban by countries has triggered capital owners who want to invest.

Istanbul city has ranked first in housing sales to foreigners. According to the statement from TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) for the month of June 2021, 2 thousand 257 houses were sold in Istanbul. Antalya with 906 house sales, Ankara with 300 house sales, Mersin with 221 house sales, and Bursa with 148 house sales were among the cities following Istanbul.

Turkey is among the countries where foreign housing sales are increasing recently. Besides, Turkey supports the improvement of the real estate sector. There are numerous foreign investors want to invest in Turkey. And, they seamlessly carry out the sales process through the professional support they get from the agencies.

Foreigners bought 4 thousand 748 houses in June!

According to the current statements, housing sales to foreigners continue to increase! As a result of the sales during the January-June period, house sales increased by 43,7% to 20 thousand 488.

Foreign investors’ interest in the Turkish housing market continues to increase. According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, 4 thousand 748 houses were sold across the country. Istanbul ranked first with the most sales! Antalya, Ankara, Mersin and Bursa came after Istanbul.

Iraqis Buying the Most Housing!

Iraq became the country with the most house sales in Turkey in line with the statement regarding country nationalities! 773 houses were sold to Iraqi citizens in June. Iran, the Russian Federation, Afghanistan, and Germany followed Iraq.

Being among the biggest countries in the world, Turkey is among the popular addresses among investors who want to invest in real estate. While foreign house sales rapidly increase in Istanbul, districts such as Antalya, Bursa, Ankara, and Mersin attract the attention of investors.

Iraq which is one of the countries where foreign housing sales take place the most continues to show great interest in Turkey. All foreign nationals who want to invest in Turkey can get the necessary information from real estate companies before and after sales.

According to the data announced by TUIK, the house sales figures in June 2021 are as follows;

• Iraqi citizens, 773

• Iranian citizens, 683

• To citizens of the Russian Federation, 300

• Afghanistan citizens, 250

• German citizens, 192

• To citizens of Kazakhstan, 165

• To citizens of Azerbaijan, 164

• Kuwait citizens, 151

• To citizens of the United States, 150

• To citizens of Ukraine, 127

• To Palestinian citizens, 124

• To citizens of Yemen, 113

• Lebanese citizens, 107

• Pakistani citizens, 103

• To Egyptian citizens, 95

• Canadian citizens, 85

• Swedish citizens, 83

• To citizens of Jordan, 83

• To Chinese citizens, 81

• UK citizens, 63

Iraqi citizens bought 773 houses in Turkey in June. Iraqi citizens were followed by Iranian citizens with 683 houses, Russian citizens with 300 houses, Afghanistan citizens with 250 houses, and German citizens with 192 houses.

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